Tuesday, March 8, 2005

March 8, 2005

9:33 PM Mark has posted some pictures from a softball game on Sunday afternoon. 9:30 PM Here are the latest entries in the Crosswalk weblog: Red Runs the River Christian News on the Internet 8:38 PM Regarding my “NBA Picture”, Ken Aycock sends the following message: “You have been now ‘officially’ named kareem of wheat!! 2:13 PM Mary Gaskill reports that in the last six weeks, 24 new families have registered with our Children’s Ministry: 9 are from Oak Park 9 are from Chicago 9 families come from India (first or second generation). 46 adults 73 children 119 total Mary also reported that an eight-year-old girl accepted Christ last Sunday. A further note from the Children’s Ministry … Nowadays we’re getting more and more families with no biblical background at all. Recently we had some children attend Sunday School who had never seen a Bible before and knew nothing about what it said. Two generations ago, we could assume that almost every child had some knowledge of biblical truth. That is no longer true. We face the challenge of sharing Christ with a generation almost completely cut off from biblical truth. Among other things, that means we need to teach Bible content and Bible doctrine at a very basic level, starting when the children are very young and building on that teaching every year.

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