Tuesday, March 30, 2004

March 30, 2004

9:35 PM Here’s another new sermon series on the website: Christmas Personalities. Four sermons on Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, and wicked King Herod. 3:56 PM We just posted a new sermon series on Christ in the Old Testament called Christ BC. There are four sermons on “The Seed of the Woman,” “A Prophet Greater Than Moses,” “The Lamb of God,” and “Born of a Virgin.” 11:09 AM Dennis Prager says that America is the only truly Judeo-Christian nation in history, and he offers a cogent explanation of what that means and why it matters. “The battle over whether America remains Judeo-Christian or becomes secular like Europe is what this, the Second American Civil War, is about.” 9:02 AM Dawn Eden gives a beautiful wrap-up of the big rally in defense of traditional marriage in New York City yesterday. We need to do something similar in Chicago. Among the many wonderful thing she wrote, I felt this was very challenging:

The speakers stressed that the present marriage crisis stemmed from heterosexual infidelity, and from the church’s failure to come down strongly against such transgressions. One speaker instructed the crowd’s members to say, “We have sinned,” and then point at themselves and say, “I have sinned.” The issue, said another, was not that we should beat ourselves up over our sin, but that we should take responsibility for what we have done, and likewise take responsibility for our actions now.

And I loved this also:

I also loved learning the acronym “PUSH” from one of the speakers. It was familiar to the others there, but I’d never heard it before. I’ll remember it now, as it’s too important to forget: “Pray Until Something Happens.”

That’s good, isn’t it? PUSH—Pray Until Something Happens. That works for me. It’s a powerful slogan for all of us to adopt. 8:59 AM Last Sunday Brian Bill preached one of the most powerful sermons on the cross of Christ that I have ever read. Read it and be blessed and challenged. An excerpt:

There’s a church on the west coast that has an unusual mural of the scene at Golgotha. You can see the soldiers, the religious leaders, the crowd milling around, and His frightened followers. But there’s something that makes this painting very personal. If you look closely you’ll see that the members of the church posed for the faces of those congregated around the cross. The song asks, “Where you there when they crucified my Lord?” You better believe you were there. And I was right there beside you. It was Martin Luther who said, “We carry the nails in our pockets.”

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