Tuesday, March 16, 2004

March 16, 2004

2:55 PM Dennis Prager explains the real issue in the gay marriage debate. It’s not about homosexuality. That’s just a symptom of a deeper illness. It’s really the heart versus the Bible—emotions versus the truth. Every person needs to read this article and ponder the implications. Prager nails the heart/mind battle this way:

In a nutshell, that’s the major reason for the great divide within America and between America and much of Europe. The majority of people use their heart — stirred by their eyes — to determine what is right and wrong. A minority uses their mind and/or the Bible to make that determination.

2:54 PM Nate Steinman just asked if I’m still riding my bike even in the cold weather. Not today, but I did yesterday, and I ride most days. Total so far this year: 504 miles. 8:46 AM I’m not sure this is a good idea. When I go to Krispy Kreme, I want sugar, fat, carbs—the works. Otherwise, I can just stay home and eat rice cakes. 8:27 AM Now that Open House Sunday is behind us, the next big event is the start of our new worship schedule this Sunday: 8:30 AM Traditional Service 10:00 AM Contemporary Service (sanctuary) and Upper Room Service (gym) 11:30 AM Contemporary Service Last night I attended a meeting of the Upper Room Service task force (led by Chris Jahns). They were putting the final touches on the service plans for this Sunday and working through a ton of details. The gym is ready, the chairs and platform are ready, all the equipment is functioning, we’re ready to simulcast the sermon from the sanctuary, and the ushers have been trained. With five days left, we’re on track and looking forward to an exciting first service. 8:01 AM For those interested in the creation-evolution debate, here’s a fine website called Creation in the Crossfire. Note the collection of articles and links regarding creation. 7:56 AM What sort of make-up did Jewish women wear 2500 years ago? Archaeologists have discovered the answer in a cave near the Dead Sea. 7:30 AM What’s it like to serve in Iraq with the Marines? Here’s a brief report from Robert Schuler. Last Sunday Martha Tyler told me that her son David is now in Iraq serving with the Marines. Please pray for Robert and David as they serve their country. Yesterday I received an e-mail from a mother whose son has just returned from Iraq. She shares an encouraging testimony:

I don’t know if you remember me, I know you receive alot of emails, I had emailed you last January about your book, “He’s God and Your Not” how it had really helped me through the time of my oldest son being in the Army and deployed to Iraq. I wanted to let you know he is home now, arrived last Thursday. When he left last April I had prayed of course for his safety, but also that not a hair on his head, nor a freckle on his body(he has many) would be harmed. Last Sept when he was home on R&R, he had just recently been grazed by a bullet on his left arm at the elbow, but not a freckle is missing. Yes, I am over-joyed that he is home, but also incredibly humble and in awe of Gods grace. I’m still pondering all of this. Thank you for your prayers.

7:17 AM Here’s the latest Haiti update from Caleb Lucien in Pignon. Just received this e-mail from Linda Lou Ragsdale in Port-au-Prince:

We’ve not had any city Electric in 4 days. No city water for two weeks. The previous Prime Minister froze all gov’t accounts and Electric Co. can’t get any money to pay for diesel fuel to run their generators. They should announce new heads of depts. today so that we hope will clear up problems. We’re glad the phones are still working. We hope things will go better soon.

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