Tuesday, June 17, 2003

June 17, 2003

Only 12 more days till Groundbreaking Sunday! Big News: After months of trying, suddenly the door is open once again to reprint An Anchor for the Soul for free distribution in prisons across America. Through a series of providential events, we were able to make a connection with Good News Jail and Prison Ministry in Richmond, Virginia. They provide over 215 staff chaplains, serving 179 institutions in 23 states and the countries of India, Nigeria, Latvia, Ghana, Kenya, Siberia, Uganda, Lithuania and Estonia. We have just ordered a new printing of 150,000 copies of Anchor. Of that number, 100,000 will go to the Good News offices in Richmond, and 50,000 will be sent to Chicago. This is an enormous answer to prayer because it means that thousands of prisoners will have a chance to meet Jesus Christ personally as they read the book.

Quick notes … This Sunday the Allied Force high school ministry is sponsoring a spaghetti dinner in the Dining Room starting at 11:45 AM. All money donated will go toward their trip to Costa Rica next month … Vacation Bible School starts next Monday. We’ll have morning and evening sessions. So far there are 200 children signed up for the morning session and 100 for the evening session. Highlights include a “chicken-pulling” contest (featuring rubber chickens) and a “hog-calling contest"—both involving staff members and elders. (One note: You don’t call a pig by saying “Here, Piggie.” You yell, “Soooooooo-eeeeeeee.") … Good news on the renovation front. Our plans have been approved by the historical commission of Oak Park. We still need the final permit so construction can begin in early July.

Groundbreaking Sunday news: 12 people will be baptized that day … Our children are bringing their offerings in special jars they will receive at VBS next week … Some families are bringing their “spare change” jars … The big tent goes up in the west parking lot on Saturday, June 28.

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