Tuesday, July 19, 2005

July 19, 2005

12:22 PM USA Today reports that cohabitation is replacing dating for many young people. The friend who sent me this article said he and his wife just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. He notes that “marriage is truly a precious gift from God. I feel sad for the majority of people in our society who don’t understand the beauty, purpose and fulfillment of marriage.” 6:28 AM Nick sent a brief email update from the computer lab at the school in Handan, China where he is teaching English this summer.

Our team leader went to Calvary for like 5 months in 88 and 89. That was pretty crazy to find out, but she was just a little too early for us. I learned how to play Chinese chess, and I decided I would play this shop owner on the street. Long story short I got smoked and all of his Chinese friends were laughing at me, so I decided that it would only be good if we played again today, so I will do that when I get back to the hotel.

6:26 AM 1275 miles. I love riding my bike at Gull Lake because we are surrounded by country roads. You could ride for hundreds of miles, especially to the northeast and the northwest. I rode 22 miles on Sunday and 10 miles yesterday. Since I’m not speaking this AM, I hope to take a longer ride today.

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