Tuesday, July 12, 2005

July 12, 2005

8:53 PM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Joel Osteen Corrects Himself. 12:37 PM Here are four ways blogging helps the local church. 12:37 PM A belated Happy Birthday to Lynette Hoy and Andrew Irvin. 8:00 AM Tatia Gibbons of Calvary was part of a Christian witness at the recent G-8 Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tatia was there as part of the “Make Poverty History” campaign:

Gibbons is a Cook County lawyer and a single mom of a teenage daughter. But she feels passionately about this cause, so she made it a priority in her life – and believes many more Christians need to also. “When we have 30,000 children dying everyday from so much want in a world that has so much excess, somehow I don’t think that’s right in God’s eyes, either,” Gibbons said.

7:57 AM Voice of the Martyrs has a new weblog featuring news and updates regarding the persecuted church. 6:41 AM Overnight we received an email from Nick in Handan, China where he is teaching English during July. All is going well. He enjoys teaching, the kids don’t always pay attention, he’s been very busy, and so on. Then there was this sentence: “Last night we had donkey, and it was suprisingly good.” That’s something you don’t ever want to read in an email. It’s hard to get used to the concept. “I’ll take Favorite Donkey Dishes for $400, Alex.” I realize this reveals my innate Western prejudice. I mean, it’s not a sin to eat donkey, is it? I don’t think so. And Nick said it was “surprisingly good.” I wonder how they prepared it? Donkey Wellington Donkey Fritters Donkey Cordon Bleu Donkey Tenders (an oxymoron) Donkey Lasagna (not a happy thought) Or it could have been … Sweet and Sour Donkey Whatever it was, Nick liked it, which says something about something. Ah, to be young and adventuresome. Travel expands your mind in so many ways.

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