Tuesday, July 1, 2003

July 1, 2003

7:25 PM Writing this from the Itunes Store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Marlene and I are here on a two-day vacation. We’re staying at one of the hotels downtown as part of a package we won at the OPCA auction in November. Ate supper at Heaven on Seven and then walked the “Magnificent Mile.” Tomorrow we take a boat cruise of Chicago’s historical sites and then we get to do one of my favorite things—spend several hours at the Taste of Chicago in Grant Park.

1:16 PM Extremely updated First Fruits Offering Total: $173,600. 1

8:40 AM Each day during July, we’re asking the congregation to pray for the “Legacy Campaign: Moving forward by faith.” Here’s the praise item for July 1: “Praise God for the way He has blessed Calvary during our history and prepared us for this new step of faith.”

8:30 AM Here’s part of a note received from someone who attended Groundbreaking Sunday:

A number of people from Calvary have been instrumental in my receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord, God, and Savior just three years ago—and my life has not been the same since. Praise God!! He is so awesome!! So you can count me as one of those “Changed Lives” (great theme, by the way!!) So, with that being said—please accept my offering of a check and some gold jewelry. Wouldn’t have thought of the jewelry if you had not mentioned it. So glad you did. It’s so biblical! So cool to be able to give the Lord some precious metals and gemstone—just like they did in the biblical days. What an honor! Thanks. May God bless you and all at Calvary!

7:56 AM The new church organization structure goes into effect today. We are now arranging all the ministries of the church around four great biblical priorities—Reaching, Teaching, Caring, Worshiping. As part of that change, the elders have approved the following staff changes: Executive Pastor: Davis Duggins Pastor of Spiritual Development: Bob Boerman Pastor of Caring Ministries: Howard Duncan Pastor of Worship and Music: Andrew Irvin One position remains unfilled: Pastor of Outreach Ministries. We hope to begin the search to fill this position in the fall.

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