Tuesday, January 27, 2004

January 27, 2004

11:13 AM Here’s the latest news: Today is Cliff Raad’s 80th birthday! I knew he was having a big celebration later this week, but when I got to church, I discovered that this very day is his birthday. We had a party for him at the staff meeting. He sat in his customary chair at the top of the circle. Cliff is our “Grand Old Man” of the staff—only he’s not really so old. He said he feels like he’s 60, he has no health problems, and he and his family are having a week-long celebration. I heard him say something about going out tonight for a T-Bone steak. We all love Cliff and look up to him, and whenever we have a problem, we go to Cliff and he knows how to solve it. When we asked him if it was true that he had gone to school with Abraham Lincoln, he laughed and said that Lincoln was in the class that graduated a year before him. At the end of our staff meeting, we gathered round, laid hands on him, and Howard Duncan led a prayer for God’s continued blessing. When Andrew Irvin pointed out that Moses was 80 when he led the children of Israel out of Egypt, Cliff replied that Abraham fathered a son when he was 99. We suggested that he check with Phyllis to see what she thought about that idea. On a personal note, I can say that Cliff has been my close friend, confidant, and strong supporter since my very first day at Calvary. Over the years he has been a sounding board, a friend, an advisor, and a man who knows how to make things happen. Happy Birthday, Cliff, and we wish you many more to come. 8:13 AM Hot off the press: What’s Next? by Charles Dyer, noted expert on Bible prophecy, and the Academic Dean of Moody Bible Institute. Subtitled “God, Israel and the Future of Iraq,” this brand-new book discusses the current Middle East crisis in the light of the Bible. Charlie is a fine writer and this book weaves together history, biblical teaching, and stories of his many journies to Israel—and a by-invitation visit to Iraq in the late 1980s. I received my copy yesterday, read it last night, and am happy to recommend it as an excellent guide to Bible prophecy and for those who wish to understand the continuing conflict in the Holy Land.

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