Tuesday, January 11, 2005

January 11, 2005

9:18 AM Here are three new entries on the Crosswalk weblog: “It Would Be a Joy” The Church in China Six Books I’m Currently Reading Men! Don’t forget that First Watch starts again this Thursday morning. Hot breakfast in the Dining Room … 5:55 AM … fellowship … laughter … Bible teaching … done by 7 AM, guaranteed. Be there! 7:51 AM Tuesday shout-out to Joshua Claybourn, Hugh Hewitt, Pastor Tim Hall, Nathalie, Alex and Greg Davis, Alan Patterson, Seth Grotelueschen, Laurie Hamen,Travis Woronowicz, Laura Viise, Cisco and Anna Cotto, Deborah Johnson, Reggie and Joan Winston, a belated Happy Birthday to Emma Benno, special hello to Charles and Irene Churukian, and a get-well-quick to Gail Black. 7:51 AM 45 miles. 7:51 AM We leave for China in two days.

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