Tuesday, February 24, 2004

February 24, 2004

3:46 PM Just received a note from Amy Baker in preparation for my “Ask the Pastor” time with the 20/20 group tonight. They usually have around 70 people for their meetings. They sit in a huge circle, I’ll sit in one of the chairs and field questions on any topic from the group. Lots of questions on the Bible, doctrinal issues, and problems relating to the Christian life. Sometimes we talk about politics or current events. Amy included these questions for tonight, with an important PS:

In response to the movie “The Passion of Christ”… 1 – What are some questions that you think might be raised from non-Christians? 2- How should we (as Christians) prepare for these questions? Certain Scriptures, prayer, etc. 3- How/in what ways do we discuss this movie with our Jewish friends/neighbors? 4- any other thoughts? If you want to reply now you can, otherwise we are looking forward to having you tonight. Thank you for your insight. Amy Baker ps. just a warning…there are going to be many delicious desserts tonight!

In light of that warning, I’m going to go for a bike ride so I’ll be in good shape for all those desserts. Side note: After the funeral service this AM, Marlene and I went to Gene and Jude’s for lunch—hot dogs and fresh, greasy French Fries. Excellent! 3:45 PM God bless President Bush. 7:12 AM This marks the beginning of several very busy days. Today at 11 AM I’m officiating at the funeral service for Leif Jonasen. Tonight will be the first of three consecutive “Ask Pastor Ray” events. Tonight I’m with the 20/20 group, tomorrow night with the Awana children, on Thursday with the SC2 group. On Wednesday I see the Passion movie for the first time, on Thursday I’m doing an interview with WMCA in New York, on Saturday AM I’m speaking for the Men’s Breakfast for Moody Church, then at a membership seminar at Calvary, then the Passion movie and discussion time with the Calvary group. Plus I’m trying to wrap up a book manuscript for Crossway and I need to get our income tax done by Sunday night so we can file FAFSA for Nick. Other than that, it’s a typical week. 7:09 AM Nice note from friends on the other side of the world who receive the weekly sermons via e-mail:

We are receiving your messages with no problems and also can watch them on the internet broadcast. We appreciate any opportunity to hear God’s Word preached and taught. We will be receiving the tapes from the Florida Conference also. We thank our loving, faithful God for the little local Bible teaching and practicing church that He has given us here in Victoria, Australia

7:06 Renovation Update: The new doors between the sanctuary and the portico have been installed. This is huge because the lintel above the doorway had broken in two places—and the repairs took several weeks. The workers are pushing hard to finish the remainder of the major work this week. If all goes well, we can use the portico and the west parking sometime next week. Don’t forget that March 14 is Open House Sunday.

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