Tuesday, December 9, 2003

December 9, 2003

7:21 PM David Limbaugh documents the increasing hostility to Christianity in our society. He ends with a question worthy of discussion:

It’s one thing for Christians to argue that they should rejoice in their persecution – that’s even biblical. But it’s an entirely different matter for us to stand by idly as our culture, of which we are supposed to be the majority component, institutionalizes the notion that our Savior is anathema. When is enough going to be enough? When are complacent Christians going to fight back?

7:20 PM Today I met with a group of pastors for a discussion of Andrew Murray’s fine little book called “Humility.” At one point we were discussing what it means to be a servant in today’s world. Erwin Lutzer offered this insight: “You’ll know you are a servant when you’re treated like one.” 11:47 AM Here’s a link to a number of excellent Christian books online, including books by Spurgeon, Pink, Tozer, Andrew Murray, J.C. Ryle, F.F. Bruce, and others. By clicking on the title, you can read the entire book on your computer screen. 11:27 PM Bike riding: 3436 miles so far this year. 11:15 AM Renovation update: The exterior stonework on the portico is now complete. If all goes well, the glass will be installed next week, the roof will be finished, and the portico will be enclosed… . Lots of progress in the gym… . The new floor should be installed by the end of next week… . The new offices and classrooms are almost finished. We’re now choosing the final furnishings… . It looks like we’re a month or so away from completion of the project. 11:14 AM We received $9100 for the Legacy Campaign Building Fund on Sunday… . Special thanks also to everyone who donated to the staff Christmas offering. We will receive gifts for that offering this Sunday as well. The money will be distributed to all full- and part-time staff members. 8:53 AM Phyllis Schlafly explains what’s wrong with same-sex marriage. Maggie Gallagher explains why marriage must remain between one man and one woman. 8:00 AM I highly recommend the egg nog from Oberweis Dairy. 7:52 AM A friend who is expecting her first child momentarily came to “Two From Galilee” and shared her thoughts:

We are in the countdown stage of this pregnancy- the drama and the sermon yesterday were all very poignant for me at this time- when our baby could be born at any moment (due date is Thursday). I can’t imagine the journey that Mary had to undertake in that condition! I can almost “feel her pain”. But as we learned this weekend: “If God ordains it, He will make a way”, right? I brought my Albanian friend to Saturday’s performance and she loved it- she kept asking me- “do all those people go to this church? Are you sure no one is paying them for this?” What a testimony!

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