Tuesday, December 21, 2004

December 21, 2004

10:37 PM 3341 miles. 10:20 PM Tuesday shout-out to Marisa Zoller, Amadi Chinedum, Rich and Andrea Nordstrom, Don Shaw, Steve and Amy Tanner, John and Linda Sanduski, Tom Tom Thompson, George and Gloria Jepsen, and to Noe, Erika and Emma Brambila. 10:13 PM Just received this note from a friend in Florida:

I have been a member of AARP for several years; however, AARP’s political and social tilt has been to disturbing. Is there a Christian alternative to AARP? Thanks for your assistance, Merry Christmas, and keep warm in Chicago!

Does anyone know of a Christian alternative to AARP? If so, please let me know. 11:48 AM We leave for China in 23 days. 10:39 AM We are having two Christmas Eve services this year—at 5 & 9 PM. Childcare will be available at the 5 PM service only. 10:39 AM 3330 miles.

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