Tuesday, December 2, 2003

December 2, 2003

9:29 PM Thousands are asking: When will Pastor Ray and Steve Boisse hop on their bikes and do the ultimate hot dog challenge between Parky’s in Forest Park and Gene and Jude’s in River Grove? Just heard from Steve Boisse today that he’s been saving himself until after the big choir concert this weekend. Has to stay in top physical condition for “Two From Galilee.” Evidently he caught a cold but that is behind him now. Steve goes on to say:

I’m better now, thank the Lord since the production is this weekend, but I am still hoping for the opportunity for us to do our gastronomic expedition soon. I will keep my eye on the weather and look for a window of opportunity. After all, there is nothing better than a Chicago style hot dog (with sport peppers, of course) on a crisp late fall/early winter day, except perhaps 2Chicago style hot dogs (with sport peppers, of course). So keep watching, we may go on “red hot” alert soon!

9:09 PM Several months ago we were contacted by Captain John Nolte of the missionary boat Glory to Thee asking if we could supply copies of An Anchor for the Soul to use in their ministry on the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico. We were happy to provide the books, and today we received this e-mail from Captain Nolte:

Dear Ray and Bro. and Sisters at Calvary Church. Praise be to God and many thanks for your love of the Savior and service to Him through helping us. We have received your books (Anchor for our Soul) via my daughter in Lakeland and they are in the process of being used by us and the Lord. We are now in Tarpon Springs, Fl and many of them have been accepted by the Greek folks here that attended our dockside service here at the sponge docks. Please keep us in your prayers, we need them, God knows the details!!!! Voyaging By His Grace, Revcapt. John and Gaydean Nolte Missionary Boat Glory to Thee

3:45 PM Noteworthy quote: “Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.” Soren Kierkegaard 3:29 PM Calvary attender Carol Melton survived the fire at the Cook Country Administration Building on October 17 that left six people dead. Her picture is on the front page of today’s Chicago Tribune print edition and also the home page of the Tribune website. Carol testified Monday at a hearing investigating the fire. Part of her testimony is in this story. One excerpt:

One of the women who testified, Carol Melton, described how she started to head back up the stairs but was overcome by smoke. Convinced she would die, Melton said she fell to her knees and prayed. “I was screaming things like `Not like this God, not like this,'” said Melton, 37, a lawyer in the Cook County public guardian’s office. “I was praying and saying the Lord’s Prayer. I was begging God to save me for my kids.”

Carol also shared her story at our Thanksgiving morning service. 9:07 AM Can anyone help us find a hospital bed that could be used in a home in the Oak Park area? Marlene just sent me this email:

Mike Beirne (he and Gladis attend Calvary) stopped me this morning. Some very good friends of theirs from Appleton, WI went to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. While traveling they had a very bad accident resulting in the death of their 12 year old. Their high school aged son’s leg was crushed. He will need to be in the Chicago area during recovery to take advantage of the hospitals. They have family who live in Oak Park and will staying there during the recovery. They need a hospital bed. Mike asked if we would send the word around to see if anyone has a hospital bed they could use. I told him I would let you know and maybe you could send it out to your email list………..If someone has a bed they can call Mike or Gladis at (708) 749-0151.

8:42 AM Last Friday I posted a link to an article by Alan Charles Raul on “Morality and the Law.” Unfortunately I posted a link that leads to a different article. If you want want to read Raul’s fine article on why all law is based on moral considerations, click here. Thanks to James Warner for alerting me to the problem with the link. 7:50 AM Did I mention my newest discovery—aromatherapy? I’ll write about that later today as well. I was tipped off to it by reading a biking magazine. 7:48 AM Important article you should read. The New Evangelicals is the cover story for the current issue of U.S. News and World Report. It’s a bit long but well done and insightful. I’ll offer a few comments later today.

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