Tuesday, August 3, 2004

August 3, 2004

8:49 AM I have posted reports on the first two days of the Mount Hermon Dallas Seminary conference on the Crosswalk weblog. 7:43 AM Today I preach at 11 AM. Afterwards we are borrowing a car and taking a drive to Monterey and Carmel, about 50 miles down the Pacific Coast Highway. We’re doing to be tourists this afternoon and see what we can find. 7:35 AM Last night after I finished preaching, Damaris Carbaugh came up and thanked me for the message. And I thanked her for helping me because as I preached, she was on the front row encouraging me. We met her husband Rod and a couple that flew from Akron, Ohio to be with them this week. Damaris mentioned that they have a daughter who just finished her first year at Wheaton and is spending the summer teaching English in China with ELIC. Josh and Pat McGuin are also in China teaching English with ELIC. All three of them went through training together in California in June. We had a great time comparing notes and talking about how God has led our children step by step by step. Over dessert we shared a few more stories. Damaris and Rod have a son who is just starting his second year at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. One note. Besides being extremely gifted and deeply dedicated to the Lord, Damaris Carbaugh is one of the most approachable people I’ve ever met. She laughs easily, and has the gift for making everyone around her feel at ease.

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