Tuesday, April 6, 2004

April 6, 2004

3:25 PM Click here to read the April Allied Force High School Ministry Update by Pastor Craig Hammond. 2:50 PM I’m answering a big stack of prisoner letters this afternoon. I’ll be posting some excerpts later today. 1:28 PM Here are two excellent articles: Professor Darrell Bock of Dallas Seminary reviews last night’s ABC special on “Jesus and Paul.” E. J. Dionne says, “God Bless Atheism”. He makes a good point. “It is only in dialogue with others that our faith is tested, our ideas made explicit, our errors corrected.” 1:25 PM A teaser for those who attend the Pastor’s Bible Class on Wednesday nights … We finished the “Ten Keys” series last week. Tomorrow night we’re going to turn the Dining Room into a map of first-century Jerusalem. We’re going to walk with Jesus to the cross and then to the empty tomb. I am indebted Don Hane for doing the research on the order of events on Easter Sunday morning—and then showing it to me using a paper cups in the Parlor (sounds like the answer to a game of Clue—Mr. Hane did using paper cups in the Parlor). We’ll do something similar tomorrow night. I predict it will be our most interactive class ever. 7:39 AM Joshua Claybourn tells us what happened on Tuesday of the first Holy Week 2000 years ago. 7:32 AM Al Mohler offers a compelling explanation for the rising violence in the Middle East. Behind the “clash of civilizations” lies a theological confrontration:

The clash between Islam and Western civilization represents one of the most dangerous flash-points on the contemporary world scene. The world-wide growth of Islamic civilization presents the West with its greatest contemporary challenge. Christians understand why this is so, and why it cannot be merely negotiated away. This is not just a horrible misunderstanding, for there are real differences involved. This is hard for secularists to understand, but in the end, theology matters.

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