Tuesday, April 12, 2005

April 12, 2005

3:55 PM I think something is wrong with this survey of the most livable states. How can New Jersey (# 9) be ranked ahead of Hawaii (# 26)? That’s just not right. 11:29 AM Several months ago I wrote about a wonderful opportunity to partner with Word of Life to provide spiritual supplies for our troops in Iraq. We have donated 5000 copies of “An Anchor for the Soul,” which Word of Life bundles with copies of their Quiet Time Diary and a New Testament. Chaplains give out shrink-wrapped sets of the three books to the troops that want them. The Anchor book explains the gospel very clearly, the Quiet Time Diary helps them grow spiritually, and the New Testament gets them into the Word. Several weeks ago Mark Goeke told me that his uncle is a Marine chaplain in Fallujah, Iraq. When he contacted his uncle asking, if he could use those sets to give to the soldiers, he said yes, there are thousands of soldiers in the area, all of whom need spiritual guidance. Just as I am writing this update, I received an email from Mark who forwarded this message from his uncle in Fallujah:

Just to let you know we’re all okay. Our camp was impacted with indirect fire from the insurgents. No injuries for us. Keep us in your prayers.

It is vital that we stand behind our troops in every way we can. In partnership with Word of Life, we are planning to send 3000 sets of books to Mark’s uncle in Fallujah as soon as possible. Click here to see Word of Life’s webpage describing the project in more detail and to learn how you can help support this worthy project. 11:22 AM Check out the South Woods Bookstore to see a variety of resources by Phil Newton, gifted pastor and noted expositor of God’s Word.

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