Thursday, September 23, 2004

September 23, 2004

5:05 PM First Watch was a huge success this morning. Almost 150 men filled the Dining Room and the Parlor. It’s awesome for men to gather early in the morning to fellowship. Mari Burda told me she cooked 450 eggs—and still ran out. These men love to eat! There is still room for other men to join us. We will start serving breakfast at 5:45 AM next Thursday so we can make sure everyone gets served in time. 5:01 PM We made it to Florida just fine, but a little winded. It’s been a hectic week and the weekend will be filled to overflowing. I’m speaking three times tomorrow on Joshua and once on Saturday morning. We’re staying at the Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida, a few miles north of Tampa. It’s a golf and tennis resort, with an Arnold Palmer Golf School here, and high-end training facilities for gifted young tennis players. Plus there are many conferences and business meetings here year round. I’m speaking at the Word of Life President’s Forum. 5:02 AM Right after First Watch, Marlene and I are rushing the airport to catch a plane for Tampa. I’m speaking tomorrow and Saturday morning at the Word of Life President’s Forum. God willing, we’ll be back home on Saturday evening. 5:01 AM Last night about 11:30 PM, I wrote an entry for the Crosswalk weblog called Good News for Oak Park. 4:58 AM I’m up early because First Watch starts in one hour. Several men on the leadership team told me last night they expect over 100 men this morning for our first meeting. Despite all the buzz about what’s happening this Sunday at Calvary, the most important news at the church this week is “First Watch.” This Sunday will come and go, but First Watch will continue calling men each week to become men of God. In the long run, that’s has huge implications for our men, for our families, for our church, and for people we want to reach for Christ.

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