Thursday, September 16, 2004

September 16, 2004

8:32 AM First Watch for men begins in 7 days. We also have a few new names for the “Fifty Faithful Men”: John Warner Harry Decanay Ray Sherman 8:28 AM Nice note about last Sunday’s services:

We wre talking about Sundays service-(What a service!)-and realized our first experience at Calvary left no question that we wanted very much to become part of the church of Calvary Memorial. But, good grief ! We posed the question,”Can you imagine visiting Calvary for the first time this past Sunday?!” I thought, newcomers, especially those responding to the extensive public invitations, would later nod and admit, from the joyful greetings, the voices raised in song and the fellowship to your inspired message, there was indeed truth in the advertising and go home to exclaim they had an “amazing experience” and..”Come on along next week! You’ve got to see for yourself!” The series is extremely important but also very exciting. Whether a person is brought a step closer to the Lord or right up to the cross, they might not have had a clue how many people were praying for their salvation, but after Sunday they now have a little better idea.

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