Thursday, October 14, 2004

October 14, 2004

10:54 AM Two of our boys are on the move today. Mark and three Moody guys are leaving this evening to drive to my brother Alan’s camp in Tupelo, Mississippi. Nick is driving over to Alan’s this afternoon after his morning classes at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Besides doing some “Wild at Heart” guy stuff at Alan’s cabin, the big event is the Ole Miss-Tennessee football game on Saturday night. Ole Miss is a 10 1/2 point underdog but Mark thinks they can pull it off. 10:46 AM Bike riding update: 2817 miles YTD. I’m riding every day now because the cold weather will soon be upon us. Basically I ride right through the winter except when ice and snow block the roads or when it is snowing or when the temps drop into the single digits. It’s actually fun riding in 15 degree weather when the sun is shining. The only problem is, it take 30 minutes to put on all those layers of clothes, and you end with your fingers and toes freezing anyway. Yesterday I ordered a special “biking bootie” that fits over my bike shoes. It even has a little cut-out for the cleat connection on the soles. Those booties are supposed to keep your feet a bit warmer. We’ll soon find out. 10:37 AM World Focus Week begins this Sunday. Along with many missionaries who will be with us, our guest speaker will be Greg Sanford from New Tribes Mission. I met Greg last year during a week at Gull Lake Bible Conference where I was the Bible teacher and he was the missionary speaker. He had me on the edge of my seat all week long with his amazing stories of living for 13 years deep in the Amazon rain forest. Later I recommended that we bring him to Calvary for a missions conference. I’m looking forward to hearing him Sunday morning and also Sunday evening during the Concert of Prayer. 10:33 AM 145 men attended First Watch this morning. Marine Lance Corporal David Tyler shared what God taught him on his recent tour of duty in Iraq. So far 186 different men have attended First Watch in the first four weeks. Coming up soon: Men’s Night Out at the Wheaton Sports Center, Saturday, October 31.

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