Thursday, November 11, 2004

November 11, 2004

12:32 PM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called She Was a Veteran Too. 11:39 AM Should we mourn the death of Yasser Arafat? Here is a sobering reminder that has nothing to do with politics. 10:23 AM This week’s Christian Carnival is now online. It includes 33 entries, including one by yours truly, from all parts of the blogosphere. 9:25 AM Good report from Peter Odanga who leads the Word of Life ministry in Kenya:

This coming Saturday we will be distributing 100 copies of Anchor for the Soul books to grade 8 students, sfaff and teachers at their graduation ceremony. This will be done after i open the word of God. Pastor Sammy Nganga led two Muslims to Christ and he is using Anchor for the soul to disciple them. Isn’t God good? Most of the peole are telling me it is easy to read and understand. You will also want to know that we are shipping 30 copies to a drug reharbilitation centre which I visited a few weeks ago. We promise to keep you updated.

Peter adds this request: “Our copier broke down yet it is only one month to our December camps. At the moment we are not in any positon to buy and replace the drum for our copier. We are now forced with the option to drive and go to a shop to do photo copy. It is very expensive Please kindly pray with us and share with brethren. We don’t have a lot of textbooks and reading material so we have to do photocopies. If anyone would want to buy a drum in Chicago and ship it to us by FedEx, we will appreciate it. If we were to buy it in Kenya, it will cost us an equivalent of $550. We have technicians who can fix it. Copier specifications MITA-DC-1560 COPY MACHINE MACHINE NUMBER:QJ37 036536H CODE NUMBER: 1998 01 50HZ” If anyone can help with this, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Peter. 9:11 AM Thursday shout-out to Barbara Reynolds, David Cook, Ted Engel, Vickie Waltes Kern, Len Goss, Shirley Wilson, Paul Boesche, Johann Buis, and to B. J. Ellis in Delaware.

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