Thursday, May 19, 2005

May 19, 2005

12:00 Noon A big Thursday shout-out to Amadi Chinedum, Jeff and Julie Shuert, Hans and Mary Jane Svebakken, Lauren and Denise Meyer, Patrick and Leah Flanagan, Angela Rozas, John and Amy Bax, Brian Boone, Nathan Govindan and George Neufeld. 11:47 AM We were awakened at 2:30 AM (or thereabouts) by the sound of boys coming home from college. Nick and John Mark Edwards left Birmingham at 4:45 PM yesterday. They must have zipped right along to arrive in Oak Park before 3 AM. Both of them went right to bed. About 7:30 AM Rachel Glancy called and woke up John Mark. He said they were going out for breakfast. Later Tolee Chang came by and woke up Nick. The Pritchard household is now officially on a 24-hour schedule. That means the boys are back in town.

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