Thursday, May 13, 2004

May 13, 2004

7:20 PM The children of Oak Park Christian Academy will present their spring concert this Monday in the Calvary sanctuary at 7 PM. Nancy Kamm directs the program entitled “Under Construction.” 7:17 PM Thursday shout-out to Wayne Kilpatrick, Ken Aycock, Eric Rubio, Gene Heidt, Virgil Reeve, Paul Smith, and to Tony Ciura. 7:03 PM Here’s a sobering prison letter from “Tim” who attended Word of Life camp in Florida and New York. 7:00 PM Click here to read a prisoner letter from “Bennie” in a Kansas prison who received Christ after reading “An Anchor for the Soul.” 3:43 PM I happened to see Bob Enstrom in the parking lot this morning pushing a dolly loaded with boxes. He was headed to the post office to mail 3000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul to Peter Odanga who will take them Kenya where they will be used in the Word of Life ministry at Mombassa. Bob had already mailed 1000 copies to Del Benner for street ministry in New York City. 7:15 AM Big event tonight: A nationally-televised debate on Gay Marriage (8-9:30 PM) on the Total Living Network. Two speakers will defend the traditional view of marriage, and two will defend same-sex marriage. They will take questions from the audience and from viewers around the country. Soo Ai Kudo, Lynette Hoy and Tom Benno from Calvary will be in the audience and will participate in the on-air dialogue with the speakers. Each cable system has a different numbering system for the various channels. TLN is on channel 67 on the Oak Park cable system.

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