Thursday, March 4, 2004

March 4, 2004

1:21 PM Click here to see the latest pictures from the renovation project. The first page contains pictures from Groundbreaking Sunday under the big tent in late June. The second page has recent pictures of the construction… . Today the workers are installing a large screen in the gym so we can simulcast the sermon when the Upper Room Service starts on March 21… . This bit of historical trivia comes from Pastor Davis Duggins: “During the membership seminar, someone noticed a fact from an overhead that I had forgotten. Calvary was officially founded on March 21, 1915. So the new worship schedule and new upper room service start exactly 89 years later. It’s a nice tie-in to our birthday.” 6:40 AM A few more noteworthy “The Passion of the Christ” articles: Ann Coulter gets it just right. Based on their attacks on the movie, “liberals haven’t the vaguest idea what Christianity is.” … Brendan Minter says that America needs the message of this film.

This is a powerful, important film that lays down a cultural marker at a time when the nation is facing its own struggle of overcoming evil without compromising its moral character. It’s the right movie at the right time for America.

John Kass writes a touching column about his own experience after seeing the movie… . Here’s one more, perhaps my favorite so far, by Ramesh Ponnuru.

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