Thursday, March 31, 2005

March 31, 2005

5:40 PM Joni Erickson Tada will appear on Larry King Live at 8 PM tonight to discuss the death of Terri Schiavo. John MacArthur will appear on Larry King’s program on Friday night to discuss the afterlife—what happens when we die. John will be on with Father Michael Manning, Deepok Chopra, a Jewish rabbi, and an atheist (as yet unnamed). 9:49 AM I often say that I speak and write for people who shop at Wal-Mart. Ted Griffin sent this quote from Martin Luther that made me smile:

When I preach I regard neither doctors nor magistrates, of whom I have above forty in my congregation; I have all my eyes on the servant maids and on the children. And if the learned men are not well pleased with what they hear, well, the door is open.

9:32 AM Here’s the latest update from our junior high team working at Camp Nathanael in Emmalena, KY this week:

Dear Ray, You’d better watch out! Your position as pastor might be on the line after watching the Power Connection team at Rockfork last night. They did a fine presentation and the personal testimonies shared by three of the young people were excellent. Miss Eva was able to attend and enjoyed meeting the group and having that special connection to the Calvary family. Please thank the church for sending the group as they have represented you well. Until next time, Roy

“Miss Eva” refers to Eva Lodgaard, our beloved missionary whom we have supported in her work in Kentucky since 1945. 8:37 AM Since Monday afternoon, I’ve been staying at a hotel in Joliet, working on some writing projects. On Tuesday and Wednesday I went bike riding along the I & M Canal. Completed in 1848, the 97-mile canal connected the Great Lakes with the the Mississippi River. Built along an Indian portage route, the canal plays an important part in developing Chicago into an industrial powerhouse in the Midwest. As you ride along the towpath, you can imagine easily imagine the barges and boats that brought goods to and from Chicago in the 1800s. Many part of the route seem virtually unchanged from what they must have looked like 140 years ago. I saw deer, geese, ducks, and yesterday I saw quite a few turtles, including a very large by the bank. Later I noticed five or six smaller turtles perched on a log jutting out into the water. On my way back I rode past a small turtle as it crossed the bike path. 8:34 AM Thursday shout-out to Kelly Kaiser in Toledo, OH, Jon Trainer in New Albany, OH, Todd Rhodes of Monday Morning Insights, Tim Thompson, Liz Shaw, Renee Hughes, Cathleen Garrison in Missouri, Steve Pedersen in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Sandy Rios, Greg Sanford, Kathryn Judson in OR, Chad Richardson, “Theophilus” in Maryland and Jeff Moore in Michigan.

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