Thursday, June 2, 2005

June 2, 2005

8:27 AM This is my dream job. 7:56 AM News and notes from our two local papers: Yes, there was a river under our east parking lot. Well, it was more like a lake that existed some 12,000 years ago, but you get the idea. Chicago in 2040. Happy 25th birthday to the Wednesday Journal. I’m looking forward to visiting the Jerusalem Cafe, a brand-new Oak Park eatery. Tomorrow is River Forest zip code day. It won’t happen again in our lifetime. This Sunday is Day in Our Village, the biggest party of the year. Ken Trainor is right. We need a paved bike trail along the Des Plaines River. Good News! This Sunday is also Bike Day in Oak Park. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone rode a bike to church? Of course, we don’t a big enough bike rack or a place to lock them up. But I think it’s a cool idea anyway.

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