Thursday, July 28, 2005

July 28, 2005

6:50 PM China arrests 100 Young Christians. 6:47 PM Here are the latest entries on the Crosswalk weblog: Book Notes On a “Need to Know” Basis 6:33 PM 1370 miles. 6:32 PM For those of you on the weekly sermon email list, you haven’t missed it because I haven’t sent it out yet. I hope to finish typing it and have it out sometime tomorrow. 6:27 PM Alex Chediak is the editor of a brand-new book (to be released in September) called Five Paths to the Love of Your Life. Read this book to sort out the different views on what the Bible says about dating, courtship and marriage. I read it in manuscript form and highly recommend it as the single best treatment of this hotly debated topic.

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