Thursday, July 21, 2005

July 21, 2005

6:49 PM Fascinating (and encouraging) results from a recent Harris survey regarding what Americans believe about creation and evolution. 6:42 PM Was Adam a caveman? 6:25 PM Focus on the Family is featuring this article by Brian Bill on their “Be a Voice for Life” website. 6:17 PM Here’s another article on Oak Park being named one of America’s sexiest suburbs. Click here to read how we stack up agains the other four finalists. The average age of 33 makes OP the second-youngest of the five cities in the competition. Under “The Vibe,” Barbara Corcoran describes Oak Park as having “total and utter confidence,” which seems exactly right. 6:13 PM I arrived back in Oak Park several hours ago after finishing my speaking at Gull Lake. I spoke 10 times this week on the life and times of Elijah. This is the first time I’ve done a series at a camp or conference that I haven’t preached before. That kept me hopping all week in terms of preparation. I enjoyed journeying through Elijah’s amazing career with the folks at Gull Lake. God willing, I’ll probably do the series this fall at Calvary.

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