Thursday, January 8, 2004

January 8, 2004

8:52 PM Renovation update: Took a tour with Mark Todd, head of the Renovation Task Force. We walked on the new gym floor and I was amazed and how soft and springy it feels. Makes you want to pick up a ball and start shooting baskets… . We passed our building inspection today so we should be ready to use the gym by next Wednesday … Mark walked me through the new portico and showed me the skylight (which I had not seen before) plus the inside of what used to be the Resource Center. We are still several weeks away from that area being finished. Once the work is done, the new entrance to the portico leads directly into a large open area that will become the major meeting space for the congregation. 8:45 PM Nice article in this week’s Wednesday Journal (an Oak Park paper) about local young people serving in the military or taking military training. Those featured included two from Calvary: Chris Eaton (who attends the Virginia Military Institute—VMI) and Becky Jones (who is in her third year at the Air Force Academy). Excellent quotes from both of them about the rigors of combining high-level academics with military training. I would link to the article but unfortunately the Journal is not online. Incidentally, Chris Eaton attendedOak Park Christian Academy. 8:16 AM A young man named Jason read An Anchor for the Soul and wrote the following e-mail:

I am a newcomer as far as the Christian life is concerned, even though I am now 25 years old I have never looked for God or sought him out, but I know he has been seeking me out, I tell friends now that he has been calling me for years but I have just not answered the phone, but thanks to a new and very strong Christian friend I recently meet I have started my journey and am one day looking forward to fulfilling all that God, will have me do in his name. Now for my question, can you suggest any good books for someone like me I would greatly appreciate it, I need all the help I can get along the way.

Here are the books I recommended to him: Know Why You Believe by Paul Little Know What You Believe by Paul Little What a Christian Believes by Ray Pritchard Knowing God by J.I. Packer What’s Next? by Charles Dyer Basic Theology by Charles Ryrie 7:59 AM Was the Grand Canyon created by Noah’s Flood? This book answers yes, and is at the center of a major controversy. 7:52 AM Received the following e-mail:

I wanted your view on something. I think their are more verses against alcohol than for it in the bible. Since being saved, I have taken the stance against drinking. A few of us were debating on the issue on New Years Eve. My friend noted that Jesus drank wine, served it at the last supper, etc blah, blah, blah. Just curious what your stance on drinking alcohol is. It would prove helpful in our debate/discusssion. (PS: I heard that wine in biblical times had the potency of grape juice..true?)

Here is my answer: “The Bible does not forbid the use of alcohol—that is,there is no verse that says, “It is a sin to drink wine” or “It is a sin to drink beer.” But the Bible does offer many warnings against alcohol. And we know so much dangers about the dangers of alcohol abuse that the only responsible Christian positions are either A) very careful moderation in alcohol use, or B) voluntary personal abstinence. It’s true that much of what was called “wine” in the New Testament was highly diluted. And the word could also refer to what we call grape juice.” Years ago I wrote a sermon on this topic called This Bud’s for You: The Christian and the Use of Alcohol.

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