Thursday, December 9, 2004

December 9, 2004

5:51 PM Here’s an annotated transcript of a brief creation-evolution debate on CNN. 5:43 PM Chuck Colson says Christian young people need worldview training. He’s right, and I hope we can do more in this area in the future. 5:39 PM 3242 miles. 5:38 PM Someone asked for a website containing original documents relating to the Civil War. Here’s a good one. 1:57 PM Jim Wallis shares a moving story of personal reconciliation with Bill Bright. 1:56 PM This is sad news, but it is not surprising. 1:55 PM So far today my entire diet has consisted of a half-glass of orange juice, fudge, plus a piece of yellow cake with chocolate icing. Would that cover all the major food groups? 5:37 AM We leave for China five weeks from today.

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