Thursday, December 23, 2004

December 23, 2004

8:20 PM For two nights we’ve feasted on Christmas dinners sent by my brothers. Last night we enjoyed lobster-filled filets from Alan. Tonight we ate the ribs from the world-famous Rendezvous Restaurant in Memphis. They were sent by Andy and Betty. The ribs came with spicy yellow slaw, dry rub, Rendezvous sauce, and a big helping of spicy popcorn. It’s a treat to eat dry ribs and popcorn on a cold night in Chicago. 7:57 PM 3363 miles. Here’s what I wore to keep out the cold today. On my feet: thin sock liners, thick sock liners, thick mountain sock, Grabber Mycoal heat pads, biking shoes, biking booties. On my legs: underarmor, long underwear, biking shorts, athletic pants. On my torso: two layers of underarmor, long sleeve t-shirt, regular t-shirt, turtleneck pullover, two sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirt. On my head: pullover deal, another pullover deal, hunting cap with ear flaps, the hood. On my hands: two glove liners, sports mittens. It ends up being a mountain of clothes. Nick looked at the pile and said, “Dad, there has to be a better way.” 7:57 PM We leave for China in 21 days. 1:09 PM Thursday shout-out to Sanford Sorrow, Linda Donnelly, Stacy Lynn Harp, Brian Claus, and to Don Lough. 1:08 PM Yesterday I had an idea for a special gift for Marlene, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I located it in Canada, ordered it online, paid a little extra, and just got a notice that FedEx will deliver it tomorrow. The Internet is amazing. 11:07 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called What Are You So Worried About?. 9:20 AM A friend in Florida asked for info on Christian alternatives to AARP. Here are four links: A Useful Article Focus Over Fifty USA Next Significant Living 9:15 AM John J. Miller answers questions about various Christmas traditions. 8:33 AM I survived two hours at the mall yesterday and got part of my shopping done. One more trip later today should wrap things up. 8:32 AM The Christmas edition of the Christian Carnival is now online. It includes one entry by yours truly along with entries from Christian writers across the blogosphere. 8:31 AM It’s cold outside!

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