Thursday, August 25, 2005

August 25, 2005

5:52 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Fried Green Tomatoes. 4:50 PM 1685 miles. 11:03 AM I found an article praising opossums. That’s so rare that I thought it deserved a link. 9:54 AM In 1983 Ronald Reagan wrote a groundbreaking article called Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation. Read it and remember why he was such a great president. He makes the moral argument in favor of life with grace and power. 7:59 AM Major Danny Davis, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, is asking Christians to pray daily for forgiveness of their own and the nation’s sins, that God will vanquish terrorist leaders, and that God will provide peace and a safe homecoming for America’s troops. He has started a 90 Day Prayer Campaign that runs from yesterday through Thanksgiving Day. His website contains the following letter on the front page:

Dear Believer, Welcome to the 90 Days of Prayer web site. The sole purpose of this website is to focus the prayers of believers to a Sovereign God requesting Devine intervention to end the war on terrorism in general, and to end the reign of the three most vile terrorists in particular. I am asking for a finite commitment from you for a fixed period of time: 90 days beginning on 24 August until 24 November – Thanksgiving Day. There is no doubt God is able to work an extraordinary miracle, and the Bible is full of precedent where believers humbled themselves, admitted their inability to get out of a tough jam, prayed to God for His deliverance, and a great work was accomplished on their behalf. The best and brightest minds all over the world are working feverishly trying to contain, quell, or defeat terrorism and have thus far been completely unable to even slow it down. In my opinion, God alone is able to do it. So please visit the links to the left for more details on exactly what this prayer campaign is all about, submit your email address for updates on progress, and above all else – pray! God bless you all and may the name of Jesus Christ be honored in America, Danny

Special thanks to Ted King for letting me know about this very worthy endeavor.

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