Thursday, April 8, 2004

April 8, 2004

10:48 PM Just received an e-mail from Robert Schuler. His son Robert, Jr. serves with the Marines at the heart of the trouble in Iraq—the city of Fallujah. He saw a CNN story about the fighting in Fallujah that included a picture of a group of Marines praying over a wounded Marine who later died of his injuries. The Marine standing at the right of the picture (with his helmet off) looks a lot like Robert, Jr. Click here to read the story. Scroll down a bit to see the picture. Robert doesn’t know for certain if that’s his son or not—but it looks like it might be him. 9:54 PM There’s a new church in Baghdad. 9:39 PM Chuck Colson discusses how millions of Muslims in the Middle East are being exposed to the gospel through viewing “The Passion of the Christ.” 3:36 PM There are some new sermons in the Miscellaneous Sermons collection, including “Portrait of a Godly Leader,” “One Word You Shouldn’t Say in 1993,” “Grumblers Anonymous,” “The Invisible Hand,” “Just Say No” and “Why God Allows Good Men to Fall.” 2:59 PM We had a great time in the Pastor’s Bible Class last night re-enacting (loose use of the word) the four different resurrection accounts in the gospels. Special thanks to Sharon, Leanna, Lydia, George, Ron, Bob and Victor for helping out. Howard Bramham did a wonderful job portraying Jesus. He was totally believable except when he said, “I don’t like fish.” Don Hane wasn’t there but he deseves credit for helping me sort out the chronology of events at the empty tomb on Easter Sunday morning.

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