Thursday, April 15, 2004

April 15, 2004

10:58 PM Mark called with some good news about the Dryer 2 Bachelor Auction at Moody tonight. For the last few years the guys on the second floor of Dryer dormitory at Moody have sponsored a Bachelor Auction to raise money for the “Youth With a Vision” orphanage in Juarez, Mexico. Each year the guys offer themselves to the highest bidder to go on a date or to some fun event like a Cubs game. Mark said that they set a new record tonight by raising $3015 for the orphanage. The top dollar man drew a bid of $300 (from his girl friend). Mark and a friend went together for $150. He said that the other guy had curly hair and when he took his cap off, the girls started cheering, and that made it easy to get the bidding going. Mark and the guys worked for days passing out fliers, giving away carnations, and doing heavy PR with the Moody girls. Whatever they did, it must have worked because they raised the most money ever. Well done, men of Dryer 2. 7:13 PM I’m going to be hosting TLN Live on the Total Living Network next Monday night at 9 PM. I was a guest on the program several weeks ago, and now I’m serving as a guest host because Jerry Rose will be out of town. It looks like we’re going to talk about the issue of doubt and what to do about it. Hopefully we’ll get some good phone calls from viewers. Tune in and give us a call. 7:02 PM I put my tax forms in the mail two hours ago. Feeling much better now. Time to get ready to go to California. 3:19 PM Currently printing my tax forms. Then we put them in the mail and breathe a sigh of relief — until April 15 next year. 2:08 PM The sermon has been sent out, I’ve ridden my bike, time to wrap up the taxes and get them in the mail. 9:28 AM My taxes are mostly done—but not yet in the mail. Right now I’m zipping along, typing out last Sunday’s sermon so I can send it to the e-mail list… . Greetings to the Feleys and the Gaskills on vacation in southern Alabama—in the Gulf Shores region. Ronbo called last night to say they were sending me a picture. Mary Gaskill said she has been engaged in “beach evangelism” this week. I could hear lots of laughter in the background so I know they were having fun … It’s a gorgeous, warm day in Oak Park. Once the sermon is done and the taxes are filed, I can take a bike ride. That’s my motivation to get my work done ASAP. Plus I don’t want to wait till the last minute to file my taxes. Better to get things done early—a few hours before midnight, at least.

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