Sunday, September 5, 2004

September 5, 2004

6:51 PM We just had a special treat. A few days ago Sharon Jahns dropped off a basket of fresh peaches she and Dick picked in Michigan. Tonight Marlene made hot peach cobbler using a recipe she got many years ago from Ellen Hale in Whittier, CA. We had hot peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream, and since Nick and Josh are not home, I did my part by eating an extra helping in their honor. 6:00 PM Today’s entry on the Crosswalk weblog is called My Greatest Challenge as a Pastor. Saturday’s entry is called Labor Day Weekend. 5:36 PM Among the visitors at Calvary today … a young couple from Lithuania … Fred and Marilyn Miller from Mt. Hermon, CA … a young lady from Alexander City, Alabama, who came up and said hello after I mentioned my hometown of Russellville, Alabama in the sermon. 5:36 PM Counting down the days … 3 days until the Concert of Prayer for “God Speaks Today” 7 days until the “God Speaks Today” series begins. 18 days until “First Watch” begins.

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