Sunday, October 5, 2003

October 5, 2003

5:17 PM Jane Jacob told me we received quite a few more Legacy Campaign commitments. We’ll have an updated report sometime tomorrow … By the way, John Sredl managed to “jury-rig” the boilers so we had heat in the west wing. Of course, it was warm enough today so that the sanctuary became stuffy in the later services and we had to open the windows to let fresh air in. That happens each year during these transitional periods in the spring and fall. 5:10 PM I came home from church, ate lunch, watched a few minutes of the Bears-Raiders game and realized the Bears were playing so poorly, they should be penalized for impersonating a football team. I laid down to take a nap and when I woke up the house was empty and the TV was on. The Bears evidently had staged a miraculous comeback and the game was tied 21-21 with about 30 seconds to go. Kordell Stewart ran for 20 yards but the Bears were called for holding. Then he completed a pass to about the 32 yard line. With 5 seconds left, Paul Edinger kicked the winning field goal. You would have thought the Bears had won the Super Bowl. Best moment: As the ball was going throug the uprights, one of the commentators said, “The Cubs will win tonight. This is Chicago’s day.” I hope so. As the saying goes, “From your mouth to God’s ears.” We’ll see how it all unfolds in just a little while. Here’s hoping the Cubs can break the 95-year dry spell and finally win a postseason series. 6:30 AM The sermon for today is a fine message by Methodist pastor Dale Tedder entitled What must I do to be saved?.

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