Sunday, October 12, 2003

October 12, 2003

9:12 PM Every week I meet lots of visitors, but today was special because a man walked up and said he was a visitor from Cardiff, Wales. He is the first Welshman I’ve met during my fourteen years at Calvary. I was happy to meet a fellow countryman because most of the Pritchards came to America from Wales 250 years ago. One day I hope to visit Wales and see the land of my ancestors. 9:07 PM Kevin McCullough congratulates me for correctly predicting not only the Cubs victory on Friday night, but also the exact score (5-4). While wondering why I didn’t offer a prediction for Saturday’s game, he guessed the Cubs would win 7-2 (they won 8-3). Not bad. I didn’t offer a prediction for today because, well, I was nervous about the game—with good reason, as it turned out. But I’m happy to say that the Cubs will on Tuesday night by a score of 6-4. (PS Ole Miss and Samford both won on Saturday but my predicted scores were way off the mark.) 9:06 PM I’ve mentioned this before, but the best source I’ve found for Christian blogs is Blogs4God. Hundreds and hundreds of links to fascinating Christian weblogs. 8:59 PM CBS says You, Too, Can Be a Blogger. If you’d like to know more about blogging, check out The Blog Herald. 6:00 AM John Alexander writes from Kansas City that he read And When You Pray: The Deeper Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. He added this personal note:

I live in the Kansas City area but I was raised in Berwyn and lived in Forest Park and Oak Park. You remineded me of home when I was reading your book. My wife and I would always love to go to Eriks Deli on Oak Park Ave. And also Portillos in Forest Park. And of course the pizza.

5:58 AM Today during the 10:30 AM service, we will be giving Bibles to the children who have graduated from the kindergarten class and are now in first grade Sunday School. 5:56 AM Peter Flamming, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia, preaches the sermon of the day, Love in Any Language. 5:50 PM Dinesh D’Souza says that atheists are not as bright as they think they are. 5:50 PM Speaking of 1945, that’s how long it’s been since the Cubs were in the World Series. If they win today, the long wait will be over. 5:48 AM Roy Hodson, head of Scripture Memory Mountain Mission in Emmalena, Kentucky, sends word that Calvary missionary Eva Lodgaard has been hospitalized.

She had sustained a fall two weeks ago and was under a doctor’s care and making a fair recovery. However, she was very weak and having some back pain. On Thursday morning I was to take her to the doctor and arrived at her apartment to find her on the floor and unable to get herself up. She had slipped off the edge of her bed as she got up that morning but was unable to get to her feet. She didn’t injure herself but we wanted her evaluated thoroughly. There are a few other physical issues also being addressed. Her doctor is hopeful that with a week or so of physical therapy he believes she can regain her strength and return home and probably resume her routine.

Miss Eva has been serving the Lord in the hills of southeastern Kentucky since 1945. We pray the Lord will give her strength and extra grace during these days of recovery.

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