Sunday, November 7, 2004

November 7, 2004

10:03 PM Had a great time preaching at the Evangelical Free Church of Arlington Heights. The church has five worship services—three identical services in the sanctuary and two video services in the gym. They tape the sermon from the 8 AM service and broadcast it in the two gym services—following live contemporary worship in the gym. Ran into lots of people with Calvary connections, including Glen and Pam Culley and John and Amy Pichiotti. I performed John and Amy’s wedding eight years ago and haven’t seen them in many years. They now have three children. I met lots of people who said they heard me on Moody radio. The church has a brand-new youth orchestra that made their debut performance. The 20 or so teens and grade school children did a very nice job. The sanctuary is wrapped around the pulpit so you turn from one side to another to speak to the congregation. I felt right at home. I think I move around on the platform more than my friend Colin Smith, their pastor. The people listened intently and made me feel right at home.

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