Sunday, May 29, 2005

May 29, 2005

9:39 PM Here are the latest entries in the Crosswalk weblog: Death Seems So Final Standing on the Rock of God’s Sovereignty 3:22 PM We’ve also seen Grant and Fern Brown this weekend. Twenty years ago, when I was pastor of Northeast Bible Church in Garland, Texas, Grant served the church as part-time music director while he attended Dallas Theological Seminary. We’ve stayed in touch over the years since then. He now pastors Woodland Community Church in Westboro, just a few miles from the camp. On Friday night we ate dinner with Grant and Fern at Camp 28, a restaurant built on the site of an old logging camp dating back to 1881. 3:17 PM We had a neat surprise last night when someone knocked on our door about 6:15 PM. It turned out to be Dave and Esther Claus. They have a vacation home about an hour north of where we are, and when they found out we were at Camp Forest Springs for the weekend, they came by to say hello on their way back home to River Forest. It was great to see them.

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