Sunday, June 20, 2004

June 20, 2004

10:04 PM Josh leaves for China tomorrow morning so we’ve spent the day together as a family. When I got up, the family presented me with my Father’s Day gifts. Nick went out early to buy me a special gift—three Moon Pies. He said he had to stop at several gas stations until he found them. Then we went to Bob Chinn’s Crab House in Wheeling for lunch. It’s one of the busiest restaurants in the nation, but we were there when the doors opened so we had no trouble getting a table. They gave us baseball caps that said, “Bob Chinn’s Crab House,” and Mark and Nick and I wore ours during the meal. Lots of good-natured banter, a little talk about China but not much. This afternoon we did our best to cheer Phil Mickelson to victory—but we couldn’t quite get him past the 17th hole. Josh has packed two huge suitcases plus a carry-on plus his laptop computer. That’s what he’ll take with him for the next year. We’ll be mailing some teaching supplies later this summer. He and Pat McGuin are packed and pumped and ready to go. It’s great to see them so excited about this new adventure on the other side of the world. Hopefully, we’ll be able to visit Josh in February.

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