Sunday, January 30, 2005

January 30, 2005

9:37 PM The Amazing power of the Internet …

Pastor Ray, Well, it is 1:15 Am Monday (1/31) morning for me, and yet I am very pumped as I watched my first live broadcast of a Calvary worship service from my room in the Parkview Hotel in Guangdong, China! Thanks to the internet and Calvary TV, I was able to spend time with the Calvary family this morning from 6300 miles away and even on a small screen the message was a great source of nourishment and strength – THANK YOU! What an uplifting time this service was as it reminded me so much of the friends we have at Calvary and how blessed we are to be in Oak Park. Watching or more precisely listening to the service made me feel closer to Kris, Matthew & Jack than I could have imagined and in some ways it made this time seem like a normal Sunday morning even though I’m 14 hours ahead. Glad all is well with you and Marlene, and thanks again for the use of the internet to send out these services. It was a good boost to me to know where I could turn to hear the truth, continue learning about the Bible’s message and not to mention participate in worship from afar.. Praise God. Have a great Sunday and upcoming week. Peace, Ed Sagan

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