Sunday, December 7, 2003

December 7, 2003

9:34 PM Sunday Night The first photos of “Two From Galilee” are now online. Josh took the pictures and posted them here. 1) Click on the picture (or the “Two From Galilee” heading). 2) That takes you to a page containing six different albums of pictures from the performance: Joseph, Mary, Joseph and Mary, Supporting Cast, Orchestra, Conductor. 3) Click on the album you wish to view. It opens to a page containing small versions of each picture. 4) Click on the first picture (or any picture in the sequence), and it will enlarge on your screen. Notice that at the bottom of the picture there is an arrow pointing to the right. To see the next picture in that particular album, click on the arrow and it will appear on your screen. Use the arrow pointing to the left to view the previous picture in the series. By using the arrows, you can go quickly through all the pictures. There are currently 60 pictures in 6 different albums. Josh says he will probably add other pictures from the performance in the next couple of days. We may also add some captions as well. If you would like to contact Josh about these pictures, send him an e-mail at Two other notes: Our tech team videotaped “Two From Galilee.” They will be producing a video of the performance that will be available in a couple of weeks. The tech team will also be posting the Internet broadcast of the performance on our website so it can be viewed by many people who could not attend in person. Check the Calvary TV website for more information in the next few days. In the next couple of days I’ll be updating thse weblog with info about the pictures, the video and the Internet broadcast. Special thanks to everyone who worked so hard for so long to produce three magnificent performances of “Two From Galilee.”

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