Sunday, December 21, 2003

December 21, 2003

7:08 AM When I got to my office, I found a bag on my desk with two of my books inside—The God You Can Trust and He’s God and We’re Not. There was a note attached from someone in the congregation asking if I would sign them for her nephew: “Jeff, my niece’s husband & my new nephew, will be going to Iraq in Jan. We hope he can take these books with him. He will be there in the Army Helicopter Corps for one year.” 7:06 AM A big surprise when I got to church this AM. The fenced-in area in the west parking lot has been largely cleared of construction material. Now for the first time in five months, you can get a clear view of the work being done in the portico area. The glass has been installed in most of the archways and the stonework has been completed. Here is the highest compliment I can pay to the stonemasons: It looks as if those massive granite stones have been in place for a hundred years—and not just for a few days. That’s true craftsmanship.

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