Sunday, December 19, 2004

December 19, 2004

6:32 AM Services for Catherine Faires will be on Monday at the church. Visitation 12 noon-2 PM, funeral service at 2 PM. 6:31 AM Marlene just made me a bowl of oatmeal. Nice and thick. Should help insulate me against the cold. Years ago this sort of weather didn’t bother me much, but now I understand why the snow birds fly to Florida during the winter. 6:30 AM We leave for China in 25 days. 6:21 AM Despite the outdoor temps, the boilers work so well that we’ll probably have to open the windows in the sanctuary to let in some cool air during the 10 & 11:30 AM services. 6:17 AM Our three children’s choirs present their annual Christmas program tonight at 7 PM in the Sanctuary followed by refreshments in the Dining Room. Note: Our boilers are working just fine, and the church will be toasty warm all day long. I’m saying that by faith since right now I’m at my computer at home, but we’ve got two massive boilers that are both about 60 years old. Every year when we have the serviced, the technicians tell us that they are in excellent shape and should last many more years. 6:16 AM It’s 5 degrees in Oak Park this morning with a wind chill of -3. That’s cold. We should reach a balmy 15 this afternoon.

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