Sunday, December 12, 2004

December 12, 2004

9:57 PM Incredible job by the choir and orchestra this weekend. Loved the video screens, the African dancers, “He was still her little child” … Sofie, Steve, Pam and Oscar … the “stilt puppets” … Erika doing the Mary reading while holding her own baby tonight … Chris as Simeon … bang-up job by the orchestra … Great work by the tech crew … Keith as Joseph … Russell and Marisa on John 1 … Ivette and Mike setting the tone in the opening scene. Andre was fantastic. The audience really responded to the African dancers in all four performances. “One Incredible Moment” featured music that was both enjoyable, diverse, and very accessible. We had many visitors and I heard lots of favorable comments. One woman said, “Where does your church get all this talent?” Then she answered her own question: “It’s a miracle.”

9:55 PM 3253 miles. Now the fun starts. With the temps in the mid-20s tomorrow, biking will be a new adventure. It looks like the warm weather has finally departed. We’ll find out if those booties keep my feet warm in sub-freezing weather.

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