Sunday, August 21, 2005

August 21, 2005

10:10 PM On Monday I’m doing an interview on Primetime America, the afternoon drive-time program on the Moody Broadcasting Network. The program airs from 4-5:30 PM CDT. I’ll be talking with Greg Wheatley about my book, The Healing Power of Forgiveness. 10:08 PM Just received this note from Ed Sagan who watched today’s Internet broadcast of the worship service from a hotel somewhere in Asia:

Good morning! I just wanted to thank you for the message this morning. I couldn’t clearly see Josh’s video, but could imagine some of the images. Having just departed China, some similar images were in my head, and more so, what happens to those who don’t hear the gospel. Thank you for the challenge and reminder of God’s instructions from the bible. Hope you have a great week.

9:57 PM 1609 miles.

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