Saturday, September 13, 2003

September 13, 2003

7:09 AM We arrived in Lafayette about 4:30 PM yesterday, checked into our motel, and then went to the church to set up a book table. Faith Baptist Church is a large complex built on 15-20 acres. They have a large Christian school with attached ball fields and lots of on-site parking. Sort of the opposite of Calvary. It’s built at the intersection of a growing area–reminds me a lot of the growing edge of Naperville. Lots of fields being converted into housing tracts. We had around 250 people for the service last night. This is an annual kick-off conference for Word of Life workers from Indiana and Illinois. I preached on “Open My Eyes, Lord,” and then signed books and talked to people until almost 11 PM. Met a number of people who had heard me speak at Word of Life in New York. After I got back to motel, I was hungry so I went to White Castle. I’m thinking this morning that perhaps that wasn’t the best idea. I preach again at 8:30, then lead a seminar on “Worship Wars” and one on “Scribbling for Jesus.” My final message comes at 3 PM. Then we head back to Oak Park. A busy day. Gorgeous weather, by the way. I took a walk this AM and decided this would be excellent biking country.

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