Saturday, October 30, 2004

October 30, 2004

4:33 PM The November issue of National Geographic contains a lengthy cover story called “Was Darwin Wrong?” The article contains a lengthy defense of evolution as the only credible explanation for the development of the universe. Answers in Genesis offers a preliminary comment on the article. Why would National Geographic devote so much space to this issue? Answer: Despite decades of attempted evolutionary brainwashing, millions of American instinctively do not believe it. One sentence summarizes the dilemma of the scientific establishment: “In other words, nearly half the American populace prefers to believe that Charles Darwin was wrong where it mattered most.” Could it be that evolution is a religion and not really science at all? 4:23 PM We’re having a Concert of Prayer for the election Sunday night at 6 PM in the Dining Room. Please join us as we seek God’s wisdom for the choices our nation must make on Tuesday. 4:21 PM Don’t forget to move your clocks back one hour before you go to bed tonight. If you forget, you’ll show up at church an hour early tomorrow morning. 3:54 PM Here’s a letter from Jeffrey, an inmate at Central State Prison, Macon, Ga:

Good Day! Thanks for the opportunity to share with you what your book An Anchor for the Soul did for me. I discovered your book in the small chapel library. It encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. Even the approach you took was an easy read. It didn’t seem like you were shoving anything down my throat. My desire is to become a preacher. I have a burning desire to receive my theological degree in ministry. I always loved the reading of the scriptures and learning about he Lord but failed to follow and found myself at a crossroad. Needless to say, I’ve taken the right path now. The Lord blesses me with a lot of time each day to study and show myself approved. Thanks for listening to a “free” prisoner’s short story. It took me going to prison to find out who I am in Jesus Christ. I believe God does use all circumstances to bring glory to himself.

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