Saturday, October 25, 2003

October 25, 2003

10:35 PM Cliff Raad picked me up at 7 AM to take me to “Our Kitchen” restaurant in Elmhurst for a special “breakfast with the pastor” sponsored by the elders. Since it was arranged on short notice, several could not make it, but those who did had a great time. The Swedish pancakes were excellent. 10:28 PM Tom and Kyle Renard came by the house this afternoon. They attended Calvary until Tom’s medical career (he’s a pediatric surgeon) took him to Dallas. They were back in town because their middle son Stephen (a 6th grader) plays on a hockey team that traveled to Chicago for a weekend tournament. Tom was one of the original members of our PK group … This afternoon I ran into several people with Calvary connections during my booksigning at the Berean bookstore in Naperville. I met the daughter and son-in-law of Bill and Doris Oltman who atttend Calvary. Later Jeff and Mary Hunt came by with all eight children in tow. Their oldest son Jeffrey (whom I had not seen in several years) is now 16 years old… . So it’s been a good day for seeing some old friends. 10:27 PM Congrats to the Marlins. Nice touch by Pudge Rodriquez who said, “Thank you, Jesus,” during his postgame TV interview. I watched maybe 15 minutes of the World Series because I just didn’t care, but on balance I’m glad the Marlins won.

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