Saturday, March 19, 2005

March 19, 2005

10:07 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Peanuts, RC Cola, Cheese Straws and Nanner Puddin’. 8:33 AM Would you like an example of successful Multi-Site churches? Here is a note just received from Tiffani Boerio in Nairobi, Kenya:

It was so interesting to read your note today (with the sermon) about Calvary becoming a church in many places — one church that meets simultaneously in different places. The reason I found it so interesting is because that is exactly, and literally, what my church here in Kenya is making plans to do. The original plan was to simply relocate the church to a new site where there would be more room (right now there are 5 services — 2 of those already happen simultaneously down the road). But the vision has been revamped and now they are setting up five different churches — split up the city into four quadrants and one church smack in the center. They are asking the entire congregation to relocate to one of the five churches (2 members from the pastoral staff are going with each church). They have also partnered with three of their sister churches here in town (which were actually at one time church plants from Nairobi Chapel as well). The church, overall, has a goal to plant 300 new churches by 2020. It is a very interesting concept but they have presented the vision in such a way that the congregation seems excited and willing to get on board. You can check it out on their website:

Here’s another example from Lynette Hoy:

I have been asked to present a Lay Counseling Training Seminar on May 21st at Rock of Ages Baptist Church in Maywood. While I was there delivering the resources last week, I over-heard them talking about their ‘second campus’ in Bolingbrook which meets in a Lutheran church on Sat. nights. I told them that CMC is in the process of planning multi-sites as well. Seems this is the wave of the future for churches.

8:15 AM Saturday shout-out to Phil Kellerman, Pastor Mark Roberts, Pastor Jim Vanover, Jon Case, Don Solin, Wayne Pederson, Pastor Rick Ezell, Tiffani Boerio, Gig Ingebretson, Dave Kingston, Rev. Phil Sharrow in Windsor, Ontario, Rick Suddith in my hometown of Russellville, AL, and Tom Gahagan in Thomaston Georgia. 6:32 AM Andrew McCarthy says Terri Schiavo would get better treatment if she were a terrorist. 6:31 AM God bless Patricia Heaton for speaking out on behalf of Terri Schiavo. 6:23 AM It’s not often that a president is baptized. 6:21 AM God bless this pastor and God bless his church.

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