Saturday, June 7, 2003

June 7, 2003

Took a long bike ride today, starting about 6:30 AM. Went east on Lake Street from Oak Park into the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. Rode past the Rock Church and Circle Urban Ministries and thanked the Lord for the good work being done there. Followed the el tracks east past Cicero, Kostner, Pulaski, eventually got all the way to Halsted, then across the freeway and into downtown Chicago. I was still riding under the el tracks and thought to myself that it reminded me of that chase scene in The Blues Brothers with John Bulushi and Dan Akroyd, only there were hardly any cars around at 7 on Saturday morning. Passed Lasalle, Dearborn, Wabash, State, and came to Michigan Avenue. Rode through the not-yet-finished Millennium Park, then through Grant Park (where the Gospel Music Festival is under way), then around Buckingham Fountain, around some ball fields, almost to the Field Museum. I could see the cranes in the distance at Soldier Field. Then back up Michigan Avenue past the Art Institute, west to Lasalle, then north on Lasalle to Moody Bible Institute where I picked up Chicago Avenue and rode west for 9 miles, entering Oak Park once again as I crossed Austin Boulevard. About 24 miles altogether, a wonderful early-morning ride, exhilerating to pass through so many different neighborhoods. I thought about the multitudes of people and the words of Jesus, “The harvests are plentiful but the workers are few.” What a fantastic opportunity we have to impact Oak Park and all of Chicago with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 The first Leadership Huddle this AM was a great success. Excellent attendance, good spirit, lots of laughter, good information about the renovation, Groundbreaking Sunday (22 days away), and the Legacy Campaign. And we ended 30 minutes early! The next Leadership Huddle will be Friday, June 13 at 7 PM.

Did you know the Cubs have never beaten the New York Yankees? They were 0-4 in the 1932 World Series, 0-4 in the 1938 World Series, and they lost yesterday 5-3, making their all-time record 0-9. I’m cheering for the Cubbies to beat Roger Clemens and the Bronx Bombers this afternoon. UPDATE: Cubs win! Cubs Win! Cubs win! Cubs 5, Yankees 2.

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